I have put a lot of thought into the status of many people who would profess to be Christians.  Most of them would tell you they pray, attend a church service, and read or study the Bible on a regular basis but I have to wonder if they really believe God plays an active role in the lives of Christians.  I have spent the last couple of years thinking that part of the flaws in the church are because people really don’t trust God but perhaps it is something fundamentally deeper.  May it is because we don’t think God really takes an active role in the everyday life and it is reflected in the prayers of the people in the church… minister, elders, and the congregations.

I was on a prayer walk in South Bend, IN a few weeks ago with Lowell Kosak and Dean Trune.  While praying on the campus of Notre Dame, a student walked by and Dean approached God with the question of should I approach this student?  That served for me an example of how we should approach our life lived in Christ.  There have been many leadership meetings that I have been a part of in previous ministries where prayer was lifted up for the sick and blessings were asked for the things to be discussed in the meetings.  That may seem like a good thing accept nobody prayed and asked how we could be a help or an encouragement to the sick that were prayed for and nobody prayed to ask what things God wanted us to discuss and concern ourselves with.  Agendas were set from man’s perspective of “here are the things we need to address” .  I guess the point is that all too often plans are set, decisions are made then prayers are lifted up for God to bless it as if it was his will and idea all along.  It is not that we don’t trust God, we either don’t believe he has an active role in our day to day lives or we just don’t want to surrender control to his will above our own… even in the church.