Evoloution…morphing…everchanging…transforming.  These are the words that define the thousands of years of faith since Jesus physically walked the earth.  Living in harmony with God and each other is an ongoing process of faith that cannot be allowed to stagnate.

“The Christian faith tradition is filled with change and transformation. Jesus took part in this process by calling people to rethink faith and the Bible and hope and love and everything else and by inviting them into the endless process of working out how to live as God created us to live.”  Rob Bell from Velvet Elvis

So the question would be… what does it mean to be a Christian in the here and now, September of 2009?  God never changes in terms of who he is and the truths that he has handed us in his word.  However if we are growing in Christ then we have to be evolving and changing if we are to continue to become more like Christ.  The process can not stagnate!

My prayer today is simply this, Lord, show me where and how I need to grow and change.