I find it interesting that some people wait for huge opportunities to do something significant for God. Lately I have been reading God On Campus by Trent Shepherd and I am amazed at the numerous times through history were God has worked and moved in the university setting to begin a spiritual awakening.  More often than not these times of revival spread from campus to campus and state to state, making a global impact. It usually began as nothing more than a small band of dedicated students who met regularly to pray for each other and that God would use them to change their campus. Amazingly enough, the goal wasn’t to create a global movement, just to be closer with each other and closer with Jesus. “One of the greatest myths and most disempowering concepts of our collegiate years is the faulty idea that real life starts later. As if the daily decisions that deeply influence our friends, significantly shape our campuses and regularly recenter our lives have no actual bearing in the real world” If we simply understood the idea that the little moments we are in and decisions we make, insignificant as they seem, can be the catalyst that awakens a nation that comes behind us, or can be the very things that can undermine the work of the Holy Spirit in us. Those seemingly insignificant moments can make us or break us and it really is up to each one of us as to the footprint that we leave behind.