Impact Campus Ministry Students

Living a life of faith is a fascinating journey that reveals things about our own soul, our own faith, and the lives of people around us.  In this I sense a calling to be a real man.  A man as defined by biblical standards not the world’s standards.  I sense this in men of all ages, old and young, college age to retirement age.  Being a man is not what you do as a job, it is not being an outdoorsman or a sportsman.  It is how you live your faith out in everyday life, loving your family, caring for your wife and children, making sure they are safe.  Over 70% of those who view online porn are men.  It is time to buck up and live the kind of life that God has intended men to live.

I am often amazed at how many men think it is not okay to display affection or emotion.  In 2nd Corinthians 2:4 Paul writes, “For I wrote you out of great distress and anguish of heart and with many tears, not to grieve you but to let you know the depth of my love for you.”  Paul was a man’s man.  When he lays out his credentials he was the top dog.  He had acheived understanding and status that was beyond what he should have had at his age.  He was a Roman citizen and well thought of by the ruling political parties in Jeruslalem and yet he considered it all rubbish when it came to the cross of Christ.  We see the depth of his love for people, community, and we see how much their struggles with sin distressed him, even to the point of anguish and tears.

In campus ministry I have the same love and desire to see our students develop a passion for the things of God, care and compassion for the world in which we live.  I desire for myself to love more, laugh more, live more.  I want to see things through God’s eyes.  Things that breaks his heart should break mine.  It’s okay to be into cars, sports, hunting, fishing, and any of the other things that a “real” man does.  Our identity, the characteristics that define us, should be that  which we learn as we grow and become disciples of Christ.