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Saint John of the Cross was a mid 1500’s friar and priest.  I came across this while reading excerpts of his writings.  “Be still, and remember that I AM. The reason the Sabbath is a commandment is because the Holy One knew we would never voluntarily lay down our burdens and simply BE.

Lay then down.

Carve out a day every week, or an hour a day, or a moment each hour, and abide in loving silence with the Friend.  Feel the frenetic concerns of life in the world fall away, like the last leaves of autumn being lifted from the tree in the arms of a zephyr.

Be the bare tree.  Be nothing.”

In the craziness of campus ministry and college life, it becomes so hard to simply be still in God’s presence.  We don’t do that well in America, we don’t like to hold to a Sabbath.  There is to much to do and places to be, things to worry about.  We can’t just let go and be nothing so that God can move and work for His glory.  Maybe we can’t relinquish control of our burdens but he wants them.  Things that are beyond my control are not for me to worry about… they are His.  ˜Tom Neyhart˜