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This past Friday I was in a conversation with a my friends Jon, a Notre Dame grad student, and Amanda about a high school worship camp he was asked to lead.  It was an entertaining conversation that wound its way in many different directions.

Worship has been viewed as a magic button for church growth.  Get the right music with the right instruments and people should be flocking into the building.  I am not saying that well done music is bad, not at all.  I like good music, especially “contemporary” style of music.  I was classically trained in music and used my degree in music and bible as the foundation to be a worship minister.  But is there a point where we feel that we need to attract people to the church using gimmicks because we don’t believe the good news about Jesus’ love is attractive enough?

Jesus polarizes people, either you will respond to his love or you will turn from it.  Do we try to mask it with other things so that people aren’t pushed away from the church?  When has simple discipleship ceased to be enough?

One of the things I love about Impact Campus Ministry is that we don’t try to push a lot of other things.  Our success is determined by our personal intimacy with Christ and that we pursue, model, and teach that intimacy.  We are disciples at the Rabbi’s feet first and then we seek to disciple others.  We obviously want to get them interested in our ministry but we want them to experience a real relationship with Jesus that they can use as the only foundation for the rest of their life.  We have the incredible opportunity to write the redemptive story of Jesus into the lives of students on campus.