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God is faithful to his own.  I don’t think there are many in the Christian world who deny that God doesn’t live up to expectations, (I could be wrong on this.) I do know that it becomes easy to believe that God will do for others, be faithful to others, move in other people lives but still struggle with the belief that God will do it for me.  That maybe I am not worthy of the same blessing, the same love that He so willing gives to others.

What I have discovered, God’s faithfulness is always there but sometimes we must take our own step of faith first.

December 2011, my wife, daughters, and I moved from central Indiana to northern Indiana for our ministry.  I originally thought (notice the “I” and not God here) that we would quickly raise our support and then move close to campus to begin ministry.  God had different ideas as he sometimes does.  When we moved we were just under 40% of the funding we need.  God, however, opened doors of support and opportunity that has allowed us to increase to 65%.  Not only that but we have been blessed by far more than monetary support.  We feel at home, this is where we belong and what we are called to do.  It took our step of faith first and the way that God moves in other peoples lives… He is also moving in mine and it is awesome!