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Summer is almost here.  While the nights are still cool, the days are warming up to comfortable sunny temperature, this is the part of summer I love.  This is also the time where it becomes easy to have the “summer slump”.  Routines from the school year are gone, bible studies and student groups don’t meet so it becomes a slow fade from regular bible study and prayer to erratic and sparse habits.  I believe this is the case for many of us as the business of summer crowds our spiritual walk.  In fact, I believe we can completely forget the Sabbath altogether.

I am not saying we forget church, but we allow Sunday’s to be busy so we don’t take a day to allow our bodies to rest and spend some extra time with Abba.  That was the purpose of the Sabbath.  Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy was handed down to the Israelites because they needed to rest.  They were slaves and did not know what it was like to have a day of rest.  What have we become slaves too?  What makes us so busy that we can’t quiet ourselves before the throne?

For me, my summer has just recently slowed down.  I got taken out at the knees, literally.  I will spend the next few weeks recuperating from surgery for torn cartilage and a torn ACL that had been reconstructed once already.  A forced slow down… there are apparently some things I need to learn, including how to rest in the arms of Abba.

Stay out of the summer slump, take time to rest and don’t slack in the spiritual restoration of the Word and prayer.