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Nothing is as refreshing as a good summer thunderstorm. Here in Indiana, we are under drought conditions so that makes a storm with a good amount of rain priceless for area farmers. the thing about it is that a hard rain is so cool and refreshing in the midst of a string of 90-100 degree days. Today it reminds of the need for a Sabbath day.

At Impact Campus Ministries, we are not only encouraged but required to take personal retreat days once a month. We cannot truly be effect in ministry if we aren’t taking time out to stay connected with God and to stay fresh… and to rest.

Rest is not a common word in “normal” ministry. While most people view Sunday as a day off, even if they go to church, for a minister it is a work day. Still a day of worship, but wether you are a worship minister, youth minister, preaching minister, or some other title, being a minister is exhausting. In campus ministry, investing in the lives of students is a rewarding opportunity that requires us to stay fresh. Even with “personal retreat days” once a month, it is necessary to take a regular Sabbath where you are connecting with the creator and getting physical rest.

What do you do for your Sabbath?