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What a week!  On Monday, we spent one and a half hours in worship and prayer with students at Bethel College. Most of our students are now taking finals or preparing for finals next week.  Our weekly groups studies at Indiana University South Bend, Bethel College, and Saint Mary’s College are done for the semester so Jill and I are transitioning into full time support raising for the next 58 days.  We have to be on campus full time and cannot do that until we are fully funded.  Our goal is to be fully funded and be on campus full time by July 1st so that we can plan and prepare for incoming and returning students.  Today we stuffed over 240 envelops to spread the news about our final support raising push!

There is a reason we need to be available full time. We have far more ministry that needs to take place than what we can do being on campus part time. But even with limited time, God can make incredible ministry take place. Here are some words from a graduating student, Josh Oliver:

“I would like to take this opportunity to share some of my memories and to thank a few people from Impact. It seems like only yesterday we were meeting in Lowell’s basement. Humble beginnings is how we’ve described it. I remember the first thing we studied was Dean Trune’s book, “The Path Towards Passion”. Learning the different spiritual disciplines and how to put them into practice has been a valuable tool over the years. Joining Impact was one of the greatest things that’s ever happened. I was surrounded by others that love Jesus and are walking the same road I am. Being able to learn and share with each other as a community is something I’ll never forget. I remember when I was first asked to join the Student Leadership Team. I considered it an honor and privilege to serve my fellow students. At times it was a challenge but those were moments of growth. Impact has started and will continue to leave a legacy on the students that share in its ministry. I know it has for me. To those that have gone before me and those that will come after, what legacy have you left on Impact and what legacy has it left with you?”

If God working through his part time servants can affect a student in this manner, how many more can be affected on the campus when his servants are there full time?

Today was a banner day, today we kicked off our final campaign to be fully funded! Stay tuned for regular updates!