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We are in South Bend to “pursue, model, and teach Christ in community” on the South Bend campuses.  That’s what we are here to do, be a disciple first and then live it out, teaching it to others and repeating the cycle in them.  This plays right into our vision of “impact the university–impact the world.”  If we are living out the mission then we will achieve the vision.  I don’t believe it would be possible to have a discipling ministry with students and not be impacting the campus and the world.  I want to put this out to you in black and white because the bottom line for raising support isn’t just financial.  It is proclaiming what we believe in a way that we can offer to others the opportunity to be a part of our mission and vision.  We want people to be excited about our mission and vision, to invest time and energy, prayer and finances in our ministry as partners.

I was once asked the question “if you were given an easy button that you could push to be immediately full funded, would you use it?”  Early on in the journey, I would have said yes, but when the question was actually asked, I said no.  Support raising is not only a journey of preparation and teaching for Jill and I, it is also, first and foremost, a form of ministry all of its own.  

Blessed are You, oh Lord, my God, King of the Universe for connecting us, Your children, as one body.  That You give generously to us and enable us to love and care for each other as you have called us to be vessels of Your love.