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Here is a repost of a blog from co-staff Impact South Bend, Sarah Koutz, about her upcoming trip to Kenya with several other of our Impact staff.

Impact Campus Ministries’ president, Bill Westfall, has been dreaming, studying, and working diligently for nearly three years developing a special initiative called Impact The World. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have been asked to participate in the pilot group’s trip to Kenya as Bill continues to refine and develop the program.

Impact the World is a discipleship tool that Impact will use in the years ahead to equip college students for a life-long commitment to Jesus as Lord of their life. Specifically, it is a service-learning experience that will utilize a cross-cultural setting with high intensity activities to capture the hearts and minds of students. It is designed to help participants understand their purpose in life and to give them the tools/skills/perspective necessary to set them on a life-long trajectory toward spiritual maturity.
Ultimately, the goal is to see the participants actually living out their faith in Jesus through a dedication to self-sacrifice and kingdom service. It purposes to engage students at multiple levels (heart, mind, and strength), and is packed with intellectually stimulating lessons that are coupled with heart-captivating activities that serve to solidify the learning process. It examines the negative elements of the student’s own culture from the perspective of a foreign culture.
We’ll be heading to Kenya on May 19th and spend time in three different parts of the country and return on June 1st.”