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Our daily life is part of bigger story, our life span is part of a bigger story still… one that transcends throughout all of God’s creation. It’s his story and we are a part of it if we claim our role in the partnership but that doesn’t mean our part in His story will be easy. I think the toughest part is to trust God’s story that he has created us to be a part in.

Part of that story for me is a role in campus ministry raising support and ministering on campus.  Again it comes back to answering the call and trusting God and there are days when that is had to do in my own humanness. Here is an excellent excerpt from my friend and Impact staff member Marty Solomon. To view Marty’s whole post, click here.

“God chooses Abram because he (Abram) trusts the story and looks to the needs of others, not his own.

And if people will do that, God can use them to put the world back together.  So immediately upon Abram’s act of faith (or trust in a Jewish mind), God extends the call to partner with Him in putting all of creation back together.  God will use this trust time and time again to pursue wholeness in the world.

If we will trust that we have what we need and that God is for us and has given us inherent value…
If we will hear God’s words to Cain in the midst of our mistakes and failures, “Why are you angry?  If you do what’s right, won’t you be accepted…?”
If we will trust that God has created the world good and believes that truth so much that He stopped creating and decided to rest and then invited YOU to join Him in this eternal resting and trusting…

God is still looking for partners.”