In Jewish tradition, when the Feast of Tabernacles was inaugurated, God told his people to build booths and live in them for seven days to remember how he had brought them out of Egypt and cared for them in the desert.  In modern times the custom is to live in it if possible but if not to at least eat your meals together.  The booth itself was fashioned out of impermanent materials and in such a way that at least one star would be visible through the branches that make up the roof.

Ultimately, as you would sit in one of these rickety booths, feeling the wind and the elements blow through the roof and walls, you realize that life and security comes solely from God and not from the structures we build around ourselves.  It is the realization of reliance on God’s blessings.

While obviously I am not Jewish, the  concept is a good one for me to focus on.  It brings about a sense of insecurity and incredible blessing at the same time.  Support raising is a little bit like a sukkah for me.  A realization that I am placing myself in total reliance to God, asking him to lead and guide others to support our campus ministry.  Remember what God has done and remember who God is.