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Seeds can take an incredibly long time to grow.  Even when all of the conditions are perfect; good soil, sunlight, warmth, and moisture, seeds won’t grow into plants overnight.  Working with college students often takes the same amount of patience.  Growth begins under the surface where it isn’t immediately seen.

When we pursue, model, and teach Christ in community on the American campus we are planting seeds. As we model what the pursuit of Christ looks like we begin to teach and equip students to pursue, model and teach in the same way, encouraging them to plane seeds even in the youthfulness of their own spiritual growth.

The curious thing about planting is that sometimes we sow seeds and don’t realize it. When we make a lifestyle of pursuing and modeling Christ, we have the opportunity to allow our actions to speak about who we are.  New friendships may pop up in the unlikeliest of places apart from church and ministry.  Those are the times when you know God has brought people into your path for a reason.