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The beginning of our journey with Impact Campus Ministries

Genesis 1:3-4 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.  And God said that the light was good. (ESV)

This is the first time good is mentioned in the Bible.  All through the account of creation God looks at the works of His own hand and calls it good.  But how did we get to the point in society that good has become less desirable?  It is sometimes considered as being just okay, passable, acceptable, or mediocre but never is it looked at as being the best, awesome, or beyond description.  Perhaps we down play the word good to much.  

By definition good can mean “to be desired or approved ofwe live at peace with each other, which is good | a good quality of life | [ as exclamation ] : Good! The more people the better! pleasing and welcomeshe was pleased to hear good news about him; expressing approval: the play had good reviews.”

If we view the word good as a noun, then it has a completely different feel to it.  “That which is morally right; righteousness: a mysterious balance of good and evil. Benefit or advantage to someone or something: he is too clever for hisown good. (goods) Merchandise or possessions: imports of luxury goods.

I want to use the word as it is used in Genesis to describe what God has done by his hand and his shaping.

Our support raising journey has not been an easy one.  If it had been, I don’t know that I would have grown in the way that I have both as a campus minister with Impact Campus Ministries and as a follower of Jesus Christ.  Anyone who has ever known me, would know that I am an introvert.  I prefer to sit, think, and observe then retreat to my own private world. As a result, sharing my story and God’s story, where he has brought me from and the vision he has placed in me for students was not second nature.   

When we started the support raising process, it was so difficult to talk with people.  I had no idea what I was doing and how to do it because I had to figure out how to open up.  To remember this was God’s gig and not my own and to trust His goodness.  There was a choice to make, “where do I want to belong, do I place my security in God?”  Basic trust has to be placed in God.  This is just one piece to the journey we have been on.  By His grace, and to His glory alone are we almost fully funded.  $62 more per month is all that is lacking to be fully funded with Impact.  Two years ago when we were looking at raising the full amount, it seemed impossible.  Now we are on the brink, and I would call the work God has done in me and with the support raising good.