This is an excellent post from one of our Impact Campus Ministries/Washington State University Alum.

Come & See

I recently spoke at New Hope Christian Church in Everett, WA. This was my first public speaking engagement! This opportunity blessed me, maybe more so than those in attendance, because it fulfilled my dream to be able to speak and teach about my story and God’s Word. Praise God for such an opportunity and many more to come!

New Hope Christian Church was hosting their annual Mission​s Conference with the theme of “Loving the Least of These.” They contacted BridgeTown Inc. ​and invited us to speak as one of the three highlighted mission organizations.​ My boss knows how much I want to gain speaking experience so he gave me the commission; h​ow incredible!

​I was asked to speak about our organization and our mission to love people, because people matter. In my one year with BridgeTown Inc., I have experienced so many amazing things that I found it difficult to hone in on what to share in the…

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