About Me

I am a husband, father of two, a worship leader and an associate campus minister with Impact Campus Ministries. My personal interests are in music, coffee, books, guitar, following some collegiate and professional sports teams.  My favorite place to be is at home with my wife and children.

Thoughts and ramblings expressed are not necessarily associated with any specific ministry and are simply the writings of the author, subjuect to change without notice.

Favorite quotes that I pray will sum up my life:

“Can we keep that contact with God all the time?  All the time awake, fall asleep in His arms, and awaken in His presence?  Can we attain that?  Can we do His will all the time?…  Can I bring the Lord back into my mind-flow every few seconds so that God shall always be in my mind?  I choose to make the rest of my life an experiment in answering that question.”  Frank Lauback

“Spiritual people are not those who engage in certain spiritual practices; they are those who draw their life from a conversational relationship with God”  Dallas Willard in his book Hearing God

1 thought on “About Me”

  1. Eddie Elliston said:

    Just a note to let you know I am praying for you and Jill.

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